OpenPGP Summits

1st OpenPGP Summit April 18 – 19, 2015

A group of creators from numerous OpenPGP related projects met in Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany and formed a working group to push forward the state of PGP.

On the first day we introduced each other and presented the various projects. On the second day, we split up and discussed some topics in smaller groups. One topic was about how to continue in future.

Projects and People

The following are projects that participated in the Summit and the topics that were discussed

  • GnuPG
    • Werner Koch, Neil Mansfield
  • Enigmail
    • Patrick Brunschwig, Nico Josuttis
  • Mailpile
  • ModernPGP
  • …add more…


Terminology – The terminology both user and developer-facing in Pretty Good Privacy are often found to be confusing and difficult in user testing. This session focused on simplifying this aspect of PGP.

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